About Us

Sakata Afrique, MIT’s only African dance group, was founded in January 2013. It is a dance group created with the purpose of (officially) “[helping] MIT students of African origin preserve their cultural heritage through music and dance and to introduce African dance to the MIT community” While that is true, what we really want to emphasize above all else is the reason why Africans love dancing in the first place: expression of individuality, and fun.

With that being said, this is by no means an exclusively African group. We have and accept members from any cultural background. The only requirement is to want to have fun, with a lot of African flavors.

Don’t be shy to contact us! We would love to hear from you. And if you would like to join us, fill in the form and we’ll email you about future opportunities. That being said, we will be offering dance workshops, so do take the time to stop by. We’d love to see your faces!

~Sakata Afrique Dance Group